Our programs focus on lifestyle improvements with complimentary therapies that will revert chronic diseases. Contact the professionals at Lifeline Wellness Center today!


We believe in whole life transformation: body, mind and spirit. Our program approaches the whole being.


Start a new mission to serve others. This program adds knowledge of the living foods, lifestyle and complementary therapies to your existing practice, or helps you start a new one.

The objective of lifeline to Africa is to supply people with tools and the knowledge to make intelligent choices regarding their own health, and to be able to assist their body in recuperating from any adverse condition. Experience has demonstrated that people, after completing the training program, are able to influence their families, friends, and neighbors to make better choices regarding their personal health. Our “Lifeline Wellness Center” in Knoxville, Illinois is a true gift and miracle from God.

The beautiful modern structure was build a few years ago but had never been used and is practically brand new.This institution is already a real blessing to many of you by helping you to reboot your life and health. In the“Lifeline Wellness Center”, we train students in health and lifestyle for mission work at home and overseas.

We will be conducting one-month medical missionary training courses, and two to three-month training courses for future health and lifestyle teachers. We have capacity to house thirty students at the time with occupancy of two students per room. In the lifestyle section, we have capacity for 23 guest and we are offering two weeks education and practice sessions in reversing chronic diseases in general. Our specialty is in rever sing obesity and diabetes.

Located in the peaceful town of Knoxville, Illinois, our guests come from all over the world and benefit from our health and nutritional counseling, noninvasive treatments and life-enhancing therapies, inspiring talks on life principles, and a delicious daily buffet of live and nutritious meals.

Our goal is to assist people in takingresponsibility for their health and helping them incorporate and realize an existence free from chronic diseaseand needless pain.

Fifteen years ago, a small group founded the nonprofit "Lifeline To Africa," knowing that there were healingaspects in sunlight, pure air, exercise, proper nutrition, rest, water, balanced life, and trust in God.
The objectivewas to transform the lives those suffering from a lack of health throughout the world, in the most affordableway.

Today,Lifeline Wellness Centeris carrying the same mission; thousands have transformed their lives bylearning and applying the time-tested methods of whole-health recovery.

Our experience has demonstrated that once people leave our program they become life changers. They use their circleof influence to help others reboot their lives and health with their encouragement.

With over 30 years of training and experience, many of our staff members have traveled to various locations in the world learning different techniques so that you can get the best personalized experience.

We provide nationwide service at affordable rates, offering 50% discount compared to our competitors. We use Samson Juicers as part of our healthcare service.

The“Lifeline Wellness Center” is Located on:
407 N. Hebard St.
Knoxville, IL 61448 U.S.A.
Telephone - Cell. (845) 661-8465 / (309) 361-5136
Office: (309) 289-2150

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